Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Troop Movement into Gorgon Hive

-Connection Complete-

I got this to work the first time now.

(quiet coughing)

This is another update from myself, Maximious, and I have grave news to report on the the Emperors (Glory be his hame) Finest.

Due to strange eatheric warp energies messing with our broadcasts, we inadvertently picked up a pic-cast of some obviously fallen former-Imperial Guardsmen dying by the hands of the Inquisition.

It seems the 396th Catachan were leading a convoy into Gorgon Hive with heavy armor support being escorted by no less then two Baneblades. Without our hearing about the troop movements, there is no doubt that they have fallen to the forces of Chaos(damned be their name). The Inquisition rallied at least three Imperial Knights, and a full cadre of Assassins.

From the snippits that have been bounced around and caught by our cogboys shows the Traitor guard opening fire on the Knights unprovoked. As soon as the Inquisition told the traitors to stand down, they were fired upon themselves. At that point, the Assassins began to work their way into the enemies flanks and rear, while an unbleievable amount of the Emperors (Prase be his name) Custodies. The gold clad soldiers were able to halt the advance of the Fallen, and able to stop their filth from spreading any further.

No word yet as to what their plan was, or where they were going, their mission was to hold the Hive to the last man. Message has been received from the Lt currently in charge of the hive, and she states the rest of her forces are accounted for. We shall see if thats true in the next few weeks.

*sounds of paperwork being shuffled*

Lets see, other paperwork. Emperor( Praise be his name) I hate paperwork.

I just hope Silus Kiel of the Ultramarines sends a message soon with updates for this Project Mayhem, or I'll take this crusade into my own hands as where to move next.

One can never be too sure if the Atomic Weapons Cashe. There hasn't been much information coming from the Marines Errent, but I suppose thats good news. Not too good as we haven't been able to hear stories of their great victories, but I know in my hearts they are doing the Emperors (Praise be his name) work.

Again, this is Marshal Maximious signing off

*sounds of chair sliding, door opening closing, locks engaging*

*604849 seconds of silence*

*Sounds of locks disengaging, door opening single individual entering, sitting at chair, chair sliding in*

Emperors (Praise be his name) I hate doing this.

Wait, why is that light on.

Oh Emperors (Praise be his name) Name, this is still on?

*button click*

-End Transmission-

The game was between myself and Chuck was 227 power, and took around five and a half hours to play. the mission was Ambush, with my Armored Guard trying to rush off the end of the board.

Imperial Victory/ Imperial Loss

Pictures: imgur.com/gallery/6LJXM

Saturday, September 23, 2017

*Thump thump thump*
There. I think thats recording. Emperor (praise be his name) damn this vox unit.

Word came in from the astropaths, they were able to receive word from the Imperator Nabat, our heavy transport ship. She has pinpointed our position. They will be arriving to the system in the next few weeks. They will have the supplies we need to dredge the foulness from these planets once and for all.

Attached below are images from the Nabats repair bay, repairing a damaged Caestus assault craft. I have been assured there will be a full wing of them ready to bring the Emperors (blessed be his name) wrath upon our enemies.

End transmission, wait no, the picts didn't att-


Monday, September 18, 2017

First Log Entry is Always The Hardest

Hay, this seems to be working. 
Stop that.
Stop typing what I'm saying.
Stop that.
Start this over, from the beginning.

I am Maximious, Marshal of the Odibilis Campaign currently aboard the Battle Barge Unending Fury, stationed above the planet XXX.

We are participating in the purge of the Heretics in what has been deemed Project Mayhem.

We have already had our blades bloodied in a series of resoundingly successful attacks against those who stand against the Emperor.

Some of the Cogboys have dug up some footage of the battles which I will attempt to attach to this file.


Why am I still doing this, this is for the Librarians to do, not me. However, I suppose this is another way to remember our Brothers.

Lets see if the images work as the boys say it will.

First Excursion in this System, Emperors Champion chased down the Foul Tau leader and laid him low.

Battle is joined!

The lone trooper fights against all odds!

And survives until reinforcements arrived!

First battle against Nurgle

It didn't fair so well for the Loyalists.

Word had it that that Psykers are hiding among the ranks of the loyalists. 
This will not stand.

=End Transmission=

Troop Movement into Gorgon Hive

-Connection Complete- HA-HA! I got this to work the first time now. (quiet coughing) This is another update from myself, Maximious, a...